I wanted to just write a short note to thank you for having a great website and selling great products. I have never owned a vibrator before and was a bit unsure what to do and where to get one from. A fiend of mine had used your website before and recommended a We-Vibe vibrator.

I was a bit surprised at the price of them as I thought sex toys and vibrators were quite cheap and a bit tacky. When I started to look around and delve into Bunnyhoo I was astounded as to the variety and quality. I had looked at other websites, just to compare prices and although I could get a vibrator for around £16, my friend did say that you get what you pay for. She had gone down the cheap and cheerful route and found that by the time she had found one that worked, she could have bought a luxury vibrator and missed out on all the time wasting.

Anyway, I bought a We-Vibe clitoral vibrator, as I didn’t fancy all the inside stuff and I have to say that after the first couple of goes, I wouldn’t want the money back. My boyfriend doesn’t know I have to yet and I am a bit shy of introducing him to it. He may think I am bit kinky, however, my friend has said her husband thinks they are an absolute boon and not to be such a stick in the mud. I will see.

Anyway, this, now much longer email, is just to say thanks and keep up the good work. Please feel free to publish this.