Getting your new sex toy is all very exciting and why shouldn’t it be. However, what you need to do is make sure that any sex toys you have are safe and healthy for you.

I have to admit that my main concern was making sure my rabbit was quiet enough so that my flatmates didn’t hear him buzzing away, or even my quietish squeals. However, being a little grown up about it, we really need to make sure that our sex toys are safe and healthy for our most intimate areas, to make sure that an orgasm is the only thing we are rocking.

One of the biggest issues is buying a cheap vibrator made of substandard materials. The consumer watchdog Choice found plastics containing compounds such as Bisphenol A, phthalates, PVC, and BPA can cause some pretty nasty issues.

So let’s look at some tips for keeping things safe and sexy.

1. The Devil Is In The Detail

Make sure you read the full description of the vibrator, not just the “what it can do for me” bit but what is made of, how it is powered, etc. If it features phthalates and BPA then best stay away. If there is no description then best to contact the website or just stay clear of that particular sex toy. There will be plenty more to choose from that will include a full description.

2. You Get What You Pay For

If the vibrator or sex toy you are looking at seems too cheap then the chances are it will use cheap materials. It is always a good idea to get the best vibrator you can afford as it will, at some point, be going near, or in your most intimate of areas. If you can, go for recognised brands such as LELO, NJOY, Screaming O, We-Vibe, etc (You can see all our brands by clicking here).

The premise is that by being a branded and more expensive product, they will have used high-quality materials and be safer to use. The old adage is, buy cheap and buy twice, however, when your health being the prime concern, buying cheap should really be a no no!

3. Choose Non-Porous Materials

It is probably common sense to say that hard plastic vibrators and sex toys are easier to keep clean than porous ones, such as silicone. However, the downside is that so many of us, including me, prefer the softer feel of a silicone finish. I just make sure that I keep my vibrators squeaky clean so no nasty bacteria can get lodged in them.

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4. Keep Your Front Bottom Play And Your Back Bottom Play Separate

This should be a given, but in the heat of things, we all know how we can get a little careless. Bearing in mind how sensitive our intimate areas are, the last thing we need is to start swapping bacteria around. Using your vibrator in your bum and then using it in your vagina is a really really bad idea and can find you down at Accident & Emergency for a very embarrassing conversation with a doctor.

5. Clean After Every Use

I know that when you are done, you are done and when basking in the afterglow of a sensual session, the last thing on your mind is giving your vibrator or sex toy a good clean. However, don’t just toss it back into your drawer or under your pillow to forget about, it really needs a good clean so it is fit and ready for the next time.

Most sex toy brands offer special wipes to clean them, however, a wipe with some warm water should be fine. Although hot, soapy water is best please remember that some soaps may cause an irritation and we don’t want any itchiness, do we?

6. Get A Little Lubey With It

A quick note about lube, if your vibrator or sex you is silicone, then stay away from silicone based lubes as this will break down the material.

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7. Storage Wars

No one is suggesting that you keep your vibrator under lock and key, however, keeping it in a clean and tidy place does wonders for hygiene. One tip, do not use a plastic or Tupperware style box as the “not so good for you” plastics can transfer to your sex toy. Try and use a clean drawer or box and maybe even use soft pouches to keep all your sex toys separate and undamaged.

Okay, that’s it for now but I look forward to you coming back again.