My husband and I have always been adventurous and have loved experimenting with sex toys. We have a good collection, for both of us, and some quite exciting, gentle bondage gear. I am a strong believer that keeping your sex life fresh and interesting is one part of having a happy marriage. It works for us any way.

One thing we have recently discovered is the remote control clitoral vibrator and it is an absolute revelation.

We bought a We-Vibe 4 and started to use it in the bedroom and then around the house. Having hubby at the controls was a real turn,he being able to control the intensity of vibrations, making me feel somewhat submissive, has been a real turn on.

We decided to meet after work for dinner and rendezvoused in the cocktail bar for some drinks whilst we looked over the menu. We were chatting when I opened my handbag and told him, with my eyes, to look down and see what was inside.

We Vibe 4

As he glanced down, he saw that not only had I brought the We-Vibe 4 with me, but I was also wearing stockings. The look on his face as I pulled my skirt up, by an inch or two, revealing the lacy tops was a picture.

I leaned forward and whispered to him that I was going to the bathroom to get ready and as I left, I looked back to see him watching me. I have to admit that I added a little more sway, as my stilettos clicked on the marble floor.

In the bathroom, only one cubicle was free and a pretty young girls was touching up her makeup in the mirror. I slipped into the empty cubicle, pulled my skirt up, my silky knickers down and slipped the We-Vibe 4 into my eager pussy, the clitoral stimulator in its place. I then pulled my knickers up, adjusted my stockings and skirt, before leaving the cubicle.

As I entered the bar, I could see the waiter was chatting to my hubby, no doubt wanting to take our order. I told him I was ready to order and as we gave our choices, I slipped the We-Vibe 4 remote control into my hubby’s jacket pocket.

The waiter took our drinks and showed us to our booth, pulling out my chair and sitting me down. He asked my hubby is he wanted to put his jacket in the cloakroom and just before he answered I advises him to check his pockets. He put his hands in and when he found the shape of that remote control he knew so well, he went a little flushed and said he would keep his jacket with him.

Throughout the dinner, my hubby discretely used the remote control to give me wave after wave of pleasure, as other customers sat nearby, enjoying their dinners, oblivious to what we were up to.

There were a couple of times I had to bite my napkin, but our very naughty dinner was the perfect prelude to a very sensual experience when we got home.

Can I recommend the We-Vibe 4? Hell yes. Can I recommend remote control vibrators in general? I think it is not only the future, I think they are now an essential part of anyones sex toy collection.